Safety Practices for Dining Out During the Pandemic

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Without a doubt, 2020 has been a rough year. This is especially true for restaurants that have been forced to change everything. A lot of restaurants have been denied rent reductions or loans, had to deal with Covid-19 scares or had to completely close. It has been difficult for restaurants to look for guidance. A new set of regulations and rules are placed every day.  

However, it’s still a pleasure to dine out. Even if the “normal” has changed a bit, restaurants are thrilled to welcome customers again. Today, you’ve got to get your temperature checked before you can enter the restaurant. In addition to that, you’ll also have to wear a mask.  

If you’re planning to dine out at some Lane Cove restaurants, here are some safety practices you should follow: 

Follow Social Distancing 

Whenever you’re in the restaurant, try to avoid clustering near the bathroom, bar, or host. As much as possible, stay at the table. Keeping your distance lowers the spread of the coronavirus. If you constantly get up, you’re making other diners feel uncomfortable.  

Don’t Make a Lot of Requests 

Do you want some hot sauce? Do you want ice on your water? Do you need a new spoon? It’s best that you try to lower the number of requests. If possible, group all your requests into one so servers can keep distance as much as they can while still helping out.  

Follow the Rules 

Every restaurant will have various methods when it comes to safety. It might include requiring customers to sanitize or wash their hands before sitting down, setting time limits at every table, logging names for contact tracing, and checking the temperature. If you patronize a business, you’ve got to follow its rules. These rules are implemented to keep you and everyone around you safe.  

Nowadays, restaurants are becoming more and more innovative to keep their place safe. For instance, some restaurants published their menu online so people can avoid holding a physical menu. 

Utilize Hand Sanitizer 

Just in case, you can bring your own hand sanitizer. However, a lot of restaurants nowadays have it available. It’s their way to ensure every customer feels at ease when they come into their place. You know you’re safe when a restaurant follows safety precautions. However, you’ve got to do your part as well.  

Wear a Mask 

To serve you and other customers, servers and other employees are risking their health. Fortunately, in the USA you can do a lot of things to overcome love addiction, at the very beginning visit Wearing a mask at all times is the most crucial one. Obviously, you have to take off your mask when you eat. However, when you’re done eating, make sure you put it back up.  

Make a Reservation 

Make a reservation if restaurants are taking them. This will help you prevent having to cluster while waiting for a table. In addition to that, making a reservation also enables restaurants to properly prepare and contact trace.  

If your plans have changed, it’s more crucial to cancel your reservation. This can help a restaurant to rebook the table and earn profit.  

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